Usually, when I go to visit my clients anywhere in Metropolitan Sydney a Consultation Session works like this:

  • At the booked time, I arrive at your house and say hello
  • You tell me the story of the house: How long you’ve had it, why you bought it, what you love about it, what you hate about it
  • You give me a tour of the house, showing me all the bits you love, the problem areas and what you would like to change
  • We discuss the “Powerball” scenario. What you would ideally like to do if money were no object. All your wildest dreams are laid out to make this your dream home
  • We discuss scary things like budgets, timing and building costs
  • We take the “Powerball” scenario and break it down in such a way that makes it affordable and achievable. This could be through adjusting the amount that gets built, or staging what gets built. We consider all possible options
  • We talk about time frames and possible staging options
  • After some consideration, we set out what your options are. Remember “do nothing” is always an option. Sometimes there is one option that works best, other times there may be three, four or even five. Maybe we draw things, maybe we measure it out in your house so that you can clearly get a feel for how it can all work
  • We discuss what your next steps are. Who to call, what to do, where to go
  • I say thank you very much and wish you all the best with your project.

If you are located anywhere else we can have the same conversation via Zoom.

Pre Design Research Report

Following a 2 hour consultation I prepare a 5-10 page written and graphic report that provides site analysis, a review of planning controls along with design recommendations and guidance for the next steps in the process. 

This may be all you need from me to get your project underway.

Concept Design

Following a 2-hour consultation, I can prepare a 3D design concept showing what we’ve worked out together as a clever, efficient and beautiful design for your home. 

This concept can be used for having “in principle” discussions with builders or other designers. 

While the design concept can’t be submitted to Council it can then be developed further as a separate exercise and fee for approval purposes.

Concierge Service

The Concierge Service is reserved for a maximum of three projects per year for Passive House projects only. 

For this service, I’m involved at every stage of the project from the initial discussion right until you move in. 

It includes design and modelling through the Passive House Planning Package, assembling the right consultant team, selecting the right materials, fixtures and fittings, getting the necessary approvals, finding and selecting the right builder and being on-site as required during the construction process. 

It is the complete package. 

Jennifer Crawford architect service for interior designers

For Interior Designers

To complement the services that Interior Designers offer for when that interiors project goes slightly outside the usual scope of services. 

Things that I can help with include:

  • Approvals questions
  • Site related questions
  • Building issues
  • Space planning suggestions and reviews
  • Design and documentation reviews
  • Sanity checks (when you just want to check an idea)
This work is bundled in Project Packs of a set numbers of hours.

All packs are pre-paid.  The time can be broken up in whichever way works best for the project and the project pack is valid for 12 months.  Once work is done, I will give you an update on the time used and time remaining.
All prices are GST inclusive.

Small Project Pack

2 hours



Medium Project Pack

5 hours



Large Project Pack

10 hours



Would you like to talk?

When you’re ready we can discuss all your ideas and options to get your new home or renovation underway.